b1993. Lives & works in Glasgow.

2017 I Was Almost Set on Fire, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow
2017 The World Is Your Lobster, House of an Art Lover, Glasgow
2017 Here Is The Future Now, Europe House, London
2016 Camel is a Horse, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
2016 25% Extra, Lauriston Arches, Glasgow
2016 Babaloose, The Glue Factory, Glasgow (ACHE)
2016 SYZYGY, Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow
2015 Cognitive Memory & Institutions, The Art School, Glasgow
2015 Paraphernalia, The Art School, Glasgow
2015 Wet Denim Trackie, SWG3, Glasgow
2015 Retraction, GSA, Glasgow
2014 Curiosity, Virginia Gallery, Glasgow